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Mandatory Vaccination for Healthcare Workers is “Reasonable and Effective”


Mandatory Vaccination for Healthcare Workers is “Reasonable and Effective”

Saying a better quality of life is supported by mandatory vaccine, another medical body is calling for mandatory vaccinations. The Ontario Long Term Care Clinicians support mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for health care workers, especially in the Long-Term Care sector. 

Dr. Ben Robert, President of OLTCC. 

“Mandatory vaccination is a reasonable and effective method to ensure the health and well-being of the residents, families, staff, students and volunteers in Long-Term care, as well as the broader community,” explains Dr. Ben Robert, President of the OLTCC. 

The OLTCC is one of a host of health care organizations calling on the Ontario Government to make vaccines mandatory for health care workers. The group represents several hundred Medical Directors, physicians, Nurse Practitioners, pharmacists and other clinicians working in the Long-Term Care sector.  OLTCC’s main focus is to ensure excellent care and quality of life for all residents in Long-Term Care homes. 

“First and foremost, Long-Term Care is a person’s home and quality of life is paramount. Vaccinations allow staff to safely support residents physically but also in the many ways that make life meaningful. The use of extensive personal protective equipment (PPE), the need for isolation or the curtailing of visitors, because of a lack of vaccinations all come with unwanted consequences for quality of life,” adds Dr. Robert.

Dr. Robert notes that mandatory vaccination is not unprecedented and that, thus far, the data indicates vaccine efficacy in mitigating the impact of the ever more virulent Delta variant.

“Mandatory vaccination is a common, sensible, scientifically proven method to keep our population healthy and our shared care settings functioning for the well-being of all.”  

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