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Bratina says he would have supported a free council decision on LRT

Bratina says he would have supported a free council decision on LRT

Hamilton East-Stoney Creek MP Bob Bratina says if Hamilton City Council had voted freely and of its own volition for LRT, he would have supported it, even those he was personally opposed to it and so were the three Hamilton Councillors whose wards make up the federal riding. He told Bill Kelly Friday that it was wrong for the Federal government to come into Hamilton and insist that the funding could only be used for LRT. He said his big objection was the slipshod decision-making process that resulted in an expenditure of $1.7 Billion in federal funds.

He told Kelly that he is not even sure the LRT can be built for the $3.4 Billion that has been pledged by Ottawa and Ontario. ” After all this time, nobody on council can tell their taxpayers how much it is going to cost them.  When Metrolinx met with council, they really didn’t have any answers.”

He admitted he is giving thought to a run for Mayor in 2022 but will keep his options open. He pointed out that in his terms as mayor, they solved the stadium impasse, reached an interim agreement on area rating, and pushed for the West Harbour GO station. “We got a lot done, but what I’m seeing now is my city is running amok. Where is the leadership? If the leadership is ‘let’s spend billions on a streetcar and ignore everything else,’ we need to fix that.”

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