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Election could delay vaccination passport rollout

Election could delay vaccination passport rollout

Wednesday  Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino announced that Canada is getting ready to issue a vaccination passport to Canadians to be used for foreign travel, but the question is whether the process has been kicked indefinitely down to road because of the almost certain election call.

“We are working actively with the provinces and territories on a secure, pan-Canadian proof of vaccination for international travel,” he said.

The vaccine certificate will be nation-wide, and will include the holder’s COVID-19 vaccination history, the date they got it, the type of jab they received and the location where they received their shot. It will be available to all citizens, permanent residents, and temporary residents living in Canada who are fully vaccinated.

As for a timeline, the passport will be ready to go “early this fall,” according to Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Dominic LeBlanc. But with the likelihood of a federal election coming as early as this weekend, the question is how far into the future the vaccine passport will be pushed.

The government will have to gather all the vaccination data from each province and territory in order to add it to the document.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he has discussed the passports with the provinces and has received “extraordinarily encouraging and positive,” response.

The document could be used to determine admission into sporting events and other gatherings. The business community is generally calling for a more aggressive screening protocol, in order to guard against a shutdown during the fourth wave. Some businesses are already introducing tougher restrictions than the provincial governments.

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