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Quebec the first province to mandate COVID passports


Quebec the first province to mandate COVID passports

Quebec, Premier François Legault announced that his province will mandate Vaccination passports in the coming weeks. His announcement came as the province is showing a spike in COVID cases.

Details of the regime will be released soon, Legault said. But he said the rising case numbers in Quebec, and the prospect of more hospitalizations and deaths in the coming weeks, has made the vaccine passport regime necessary.

The regime will allow the province to avoid the widespread closures that have marked its pandemic response to date, he said. In making the announcement Legault said, “People who made the effort to get their two doses should be able to live a somewhat normal life.”

The news will make Quebec the first province to mandate passports. Ontario Premier Doug Ford has said he is against the concept. Prime Minister Trudeau has said he will let individual provinces determine if they want passports and promised to help the provinces that do institute passports get them international recognition to facilitate travel. At the moment neither the United States nor Britain have loosened the restrictions on leisure travel to their countries by Canadians.

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