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Ontario Back-to-school plan announced today


Ontario Back-to-school plan announced today

Under intense pressure from the opposition the Ford government has released its back-to-school plans. Details will be released shortly but it looks like students will be back full time in person with masks required, for staff and students– starting in grade1. Music programs and sports and clubs will ne allowed to resume as well as inter-school sports. and field trips.

Schools with mechanical ventilation systems will haver to run them for two house before and after school. Those without will be required to place standalone high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter units in all classrooms. School boards will be expected to develop inclement weather contingencies which could involve going back to remote learning.

Students will be allowed to eat in cafeterias with capacity limits in place, which will probably mean staggered lunch hours. Distancing between cohorts will still be enforced in homerooms. Libraries and labs. School buses will be allowed to operate at capacity but assigned seating will be required in order to facilitate contact tracing. The full document can be downloaded below.

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