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Hamilton Artist focuses on Hamilton’s historical buildings

Hamilton Artist focuses on Hamilton’s historical buildings

Attawandaron: Hamilton’s Publisher is representing Hamilton Artist  Elizabeth Sue Hanna  who is offering framed prints of her original pieces depicting well-known Hamilton heritage sites and landmarks. Attawonderon owner Bill King observes, “I say ‘original pieces’ because they are something more than paintings – Sue uses various media to create a three-dimensional work of art, and the process is so unique that it may not yet have a name! They certainly lend themselves to striking prints. To see more of Sue’s work, please visit us at

Elizabeth Sue Hanna’s work combines traditional painting techniques and mixed media to create three-dimensional representations of some of Hamilton’s most treasured historic sites.


Sue describes her work as follows:

Elizabeth Sue Hanna

“The inspiration for my artwork came from a Dutch artist by the name of M.C. Escher. I was mesmerized when I saw some of his works which revolved around optical illusions with mathematical grids. I wanted to turn the optical illusion of the three dimensions into reality, so I experimented with organic matters and binders to create this third dimension. I realized that this could be the beginning of a new genre.”

While visiting Gore Park to photograph the fountain, I noticed a few decrepit buildings near the corner of King and James streets. Curiosity got the better of me and I picked up a copy of Vanished Hamilton, a local historical book about buildings which had been demolished in Hamilton. This took me on a quest to resurrect some of the beautiful architecture which had disappeared. I had to rethink traditional painting techniques to achieve the 3D effect.” For more information visit

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