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More measures to clean up Chedoke Creek and Cootes Paradise


More measures to clean up Chedoke Creek and Cootes Paradise

Hamilton is moving into  the next phase of its efforts to start cleaning up Chedoke Creek and Cootes Paradise. The City  submitted its proposed remediation and mitigation workplan for work in Cootes Paradise and the Western Hamilton Harbour Area of Lake Ontario. The workplan is associated with the second part of the Environment Ministry Order, which is related only to the remediation and mitigation works to offset the impacts associated with nutrient loading to Cootes Paradise and the Western Hamilton Harbour Area.

The proposed workplan includes a number of projects and initiatives that are subject to further review and consultation with the MECP to determine the best solutions to satisfy the Order. The proposed workplan includes the following projects and initiatives (all are pending MECP approval):

Annual Removal Projects

–              Large Scale Floating Vegetative Mats. These vegetative mats have been used successfully elsewhere to remove phosphorus and other impurities from streams.

Vegetative mats used to remove impurities from wetlands

–              Outcomes from Lower Chedoke Master EA Study

One-Time Removal Projects

–              Exploratory Study to Dredge beyond Princess Point Embayment in Cootes Paradise

–              Sediment Nutrient Inactivation

Watershed Projects (Point/Non-Point Annual Removals)

–              Outcomes from Chedoke Watershed Stormwater Retrofit Master EA Study

–              Outcomes from Application of Redevelopment Sites – Stormwater Management Policy

–              Outcomes from Application of Retrofits for Road Rehabilitation Projects / Low Impact Development Best Management Practices Policy


–              Outcomes from the Ainsley Woods Class EA (Sewer Separation)

There are four additional projects and initiatives that are pending further review from City, MECP and area stakeholders. These include Golf Course Runoff Management, potential Desjardins Canal works, accelerating the Sewer Cross Connection Program to address the removal of partial cross connections involving private homeowners and a project that will review the City’s existing policies and procedures related to City Street management programs focused on roads in the Chedoke Watershed.

It is expected that many of the projects and initiatives identified in the workplan submitted today will take time to implement and will include significant community and stakeholder engagement, providing opportunities for residents to contribute ideas to the remediation work. The projects and initiatives are likely to evolve and grow over time. The sewer reconnections will be expensive

The City is currently exploring opportunities for small-scale works to be installed as early as this summer to improve the water quality of Chedoke Creek.  This includes initiatives such as a small aeration system and a floating treatment wetland within Chedoke Creek.  Details of these projects will follow as the plans develop.

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  • Results,cost should be made public.Its bad enough that this Sewergate was over four years.Silence .Still no real report how this leak was described as a glitch.Cant buy it.Inspection charts,flow charts over that time period.

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