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Taylor Leibow CEO takes on international accounting association role

Taylor Leibow CEO takes on international accounting association role

Nigel Jacobs, Chief Executive Officer of Taylor Leibow LLP Accountants and Advisors, in Hamilton, in addition to his leadership role there, will also take the reins as the new Vice President of the Americas region for the accounting network DFK. DFK networks over 200 accounting firms worldwide with combined billings of $1.5 billion.

Nigel has been a DFK Canada board member on behalf of his firm for the last 15 years and was elected as DFK Canada Vice President in 2014 before becoming President in 2018.

He succeeds Paul Panabaker, Senior Partner at Davis Martindale LLP, based in London and Toronto

Nigel said: “I am very excited to begin my term as Vice President of the Americas region. It is made up of some very strong national groups and has had a number of excellent Vice Presidents over the years.

“It is an opportunity for me to give back again particularly in view of the positive impact DFK has had on the ongoing longevity and success that Taylor Leibow has experienced, and I will be looking to support member firms in their efforts to be both successful and sustainable.

“DFK is an extremely valuable association that allows firms to compete globally through their ability to provide services to their clients across the globe while also giving members firms the opportunity to share best practices and learn from each other.

“We will also be looking to continue to support our members in critical areas such as technology. It is something that continues to change rapidly, and firms must adapt to ensure they remain relevant and sustainable.

“As a result of the pandemic, human resources will be another key area as members try to navigate their way around the concept of a hybrid working model and what offices will look like post-pandemic.

“It will be an excellent opportunity to share ideas and best practices, and with so many exceptional people to connect with our members will be able to put policies in place which are most appropriate for their firms.”

Martin Sharp, Executive Director of DFK, said “Nigel brings deep strategic insights and diligent business rigour to the role, and he will be a great asset for the members in the Americas Region and around the world. 

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