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Americans can come here August 9, but Canadians must wait

Americans can come here August 9, but Canadians must wait

Try as reporters might they had difficulty getting a clear answer from federal officials Monday on why Canada is opening its borders to fully vaccinated Americans, when the US government is apparently not going to reciprocate for at least the time being. The announcement, which consisted of five ministers essentially repeating the same information, was that effective August 9th Americans who can prove that they are fully vaccinated, can enter Canada for non-essential travel. The American visitors must log into The ArriveCAN portal and have in their possession a hard copy of their vaccination status. One reporter wondered if this asynchronous border opening might prove embarrassing to the Canadian government,

The government also announced that five more Canadian airports will be opened up to foreign arrivals—Halifax, Quebec, Ottawa, Winnipeg and Edmonton.

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair said he had discussed Canada’s plans to relax border regulations with his counterpart in the US but said he got no indication that the US was ready to do likewise, and predicted that the US will probably roll over its border policy for another month when it come up for renewal later this month. He did say that he thought the situation would be resolved “soon.” Still, the question remained unanswered as to why Canada would need to open its borders before the American government.  Canada has now surpassed the United States in percentages of fully vaccinated residents, although both countries are experiencing a slowdown in vaccine uptake.

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