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Concern as fully- vaccinated seniors are among the latest COVID cases

Concern as fully- vaccinated seniors are among the latest COVID cases

Hamilton recorded a new outbreak at the Arbour Creek Long Term Care Centre on King Street East in Stoney Creek. Hamilton Public Health says there are nine people affected –seven residents and two staff. In the other long-term care outbreak site—the Villages at Tansley Woods-management there say the majority of the 19 cases experienced there were also fully vaccinated residents. One of the affected residents at Arbour Creek is a family member of Sharon Schnurr of Burlington, and was fully vaccinated before testing positive for COVID. Ms. Schnurr has written federal and provincial officials asking why not impose a vaccination passport requirement\and why are we considering opening the border to the US?

Her letter follows:

Dear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Premier Doug Ford, Karina Gould MP, Jane McKenna MPP,

This letter is to bring attention to my concerns of the possible dire consequences we will have if Canada totally opens up the border too soon with the United States and the ongoing lack of attention to our long term facilities.  Why is there no Covid-19 Vaccination passport Provincially and/or Federally?  The Ontario Ministry of Health paper that we were given after vaccination is not substantial and can be easily forged.

Over the last few weeks the United States has had substantial increases of Covid-19 cases in every state and there is definitely the possibility of dangerous new variants and it is decided that now is a good time to fully open the border.  How can you confirm if an American citizen is fully vaccinated?

It appears that the Federal Government and the Ontario Government are “passing the buck” related to a Covid 19 Vaccination passport.  Both are afraid to make a decision and take responsibility. We are still in a Pandemic and difficult decisions have to be made to save lives, even if it slightly infringes on our privacy.

I certainly appreciate all that has been done by both governments to this point, but I feel both leaders are now tired and just want to get back to “normal” for political gain.

Today I was told that my sister-in law, who is in a long-term care home in Stoney Creek, Ontario has tested positive for Covid-19 and there are presently 9 cases of Covid-19 in the facility.  How does this happen?  Public Health will investigate and I would not be surprised if the source is an employee or visitor who was not fully vaccinated. Why is it not law that all employees working with seniors, who are so vulnerable, be fully vaccinated.  It makes no logical sense not to have employees fully vaccinated for Covid-19.

In summary I am very concerned and hope wise and measured decisions will be made by both leaders.

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  • My mother in law was one of the residents that got the covid and passed away after being sick from July 17th that we were told she had covid.
    How does this happen???
    Lisa DeFelice

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