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Bratina endorses Parliamentary Budget Officer announced probe of program funding Hamilton LRT

Bratina endorses Parliamentary Budget Officer announced probe of program funding Hamilton LRT

Hamilton East-Stoney Creek MP Bob Bratina  says he is pleased that the Parliamentary Budget Officer has notified Infrastructure Minister Catherine McKenna that he plans to examine the funding of programs being funded under the Investing in Canada Plan, the plan that is being tapped to provide the Federal $1.7 Billion share towards the cost of the Hamilton LRT project. Responding to the news Bratina said, “I’m pleased that my request regarding Hamilton’s LRT project has resulted in a broad examination of how this ministry accounts for its spending decisions.  The public has a right to know how its money is being spent and whether costs are based on sound and accurate estimates, because government mistakes are paid for out of tax-payers’ pockets.” Bratina had called for the probe shortly after he announced his intention to not seek re-election because of the way the LRT funding issue was handled by McKenna and Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas MP Filomena Tassi, who Bratina said, brushed aside his objections to federal intervention in the issue.

In a letter to Infrastructure Minister Catherine McKenna. Parliamentary Budget Officer Yves Giroux  asks for “ the breakdown of actual, committed, and planned funding of projects/programs being funded under the Investing in Canada Plan profile.” The letter requests that the information be delivered by July 26. Giroux adds. “If access to the requested information cannot be granted by that date, a response must be provided by you or your deputy minister as soon as possible.”

The letter concludes, “Providing timely and effective analysis to the Senate and House of Commons and promoting greater budget transparency and accountability are the PBO’s primary objectives. The degree to which this is possible depends, to a large extent, on free and timely access to quality information held by government departments.”

Earlier this month Giroux was in a disclosure battle with McKenna’s ministry over the PBO’s efforts to get  her department to provide proof of her claim that there were 52,000 public works projects either underway or completed. According to the PBO there were 20,000 projects that could not be verified.

“There are projects that CMHC funds related to housing for which there are privacy and security concerns with relation to women’s shelters,” said McKenna.

“The government claims they’ve spent $10 billion a year on infrastructure, the Parliamentary Budget Office says there are only lists adding up to $5 billion a year,” Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre said at a government operations committee meeting last week where Giroux had testified.

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  • I agree here.its suspicious.One has to ask now is this why McKenna quit her post.Ii also disagree that Hamilton city council are SILENT on THF scandal.Hamilton tax payers got burned.infrasture Ontario should NOT be allowed on the LRT project when this scandal is not settled.WHY ARE THEY SILENT AND WHY ARE THEY ALLOWING IT? THERE IS A NEED TO PROTECT THE HAMILTON TAX PAYERS.

  • McKenna is about to jump ship. I feel it is a move to further remove herself of this fiasco.

    In researching her, I found that she claims to provide legal services for others outside Canada, yet here in Hamilton for the many fighting to keep their housing cannot attain legal representation at LTB thru the legal clinic. The legal clinic needs more funding.

    Shelters are not proper housing and given the recent story published on the cbc, one woman and her children were placed into a shelter space completely invested with cockroaches. The spokesperson for the Good Shephard in the article had every excuse possible to explain away this particular mess.

    Ms Tassi, well she is quagmire as well. It is not her community that is being torn part, she exists in a bubble of privilege that is so far removed of the many woman in Hamiltkn who are homeless which would include indigenous members, as well as others from racialized communities in our city.

    The hamster shell of despair aka the shelter health clinic network is the new and improved poor house mentality that further erodes the physical, mental and emotional health of those struggling with no home and many others fighting to keep their housing.

    These females are bullies, plain and simple. There are a reflection of our current political system where their own self interests are more important then the people they oppress.

    McKenna and Tassi both need to spend a good 6 months in a shelter, to actually experience reality of so many.

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