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Railing trends for your deck

Railing trends for your deck

When determining the look of an outdoor living space, decking is only half of the equation. It’s the railings that are often most visible and make the first impression. Here are four fresh ways to create the perfect perimeter for your outdoor space:

1. View-optimizing options

To elevate a great view, thin balusters finished in black are a good choice as they tend to optically blend into the environment, putting more visual emphasis on the natural surroundings. Glass panels are also ideal, as are cable and rod rail designs. Conversely, when dealing with a not-so-appealing view, railings with thicker posts and more tightly spaced balusters can help enhance privacy.

2. Form and function

In certain cases, deck railings can be as practical as they are pretty. One of today’s hottest trends is “cocktail rail.” This approach uses a deck board as a top rail to create a flat ledge at just the right height for holding drinks and plates, as well as plants, candles and other decorative accessories. By using boards that match the decking, you can achieve a look that complements the deck while making great use of space.

3. Industrial inspiration

Industrial styling is all the rage as homeowners seek to replicate the clean lines and modern looks found in today’s upscale hotels and restaurants. This commercial-to-residential trend can be seen in the increased use of aluminum railing styles that deliver sleek sophistication. One such example is Trex Signature Railing, which offers a range of designs including horizontal rods, mesh panels or glass inserts, in addition to traditional spindles — all with the low-maintenance and durability of aluminum.

4. Inviting Illumination

Integrating discrete lighting into railing posts and caps is an easy way to add ambience and safety to an outdoor space. It also can extend the amount of time you can spend enjoying your deck. Consider LED dimmable options to maximize energy efficiency. (NC)

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