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Burlington interested in Bateman school site for Brock University satellite

Burlington interested in Bateman school site for Brock University satellite

The Halton District School Board has declared the former Robert Bateman High School surplus to its needs, and the city of Burlington is looking at putting in a bid that would possibly see a Brock University satellite campus located there.

When a school board declares a property surplus, it must first offer the property to other public bodies before selling it on the open market. As a result the City of Burlington will submit an expression of interest to purchase the Robert Bateman site.

The City’s expression of interest will include the exploration of a partnership with Brock University to offer post-secondary programming on this site. In the fall of 2020, Brock University signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to work with the City of Burlington to relocate the programming currently offered on its Hamilton campus to Burlington.

In addition to exploring a relationship with Brock, the City also plans to partner with other institutions, ensuring that there is an adaptive reuse strategy for the site. This includes the Burlington Library relocating its Appleby Line branch to this location to develop a hub for learning and education. Yesterday the Halton Board announced it was planning to use about 20 percent of the Bateman space for the relocation of the Gary Allan Learning Centre. That would leave 167,000 square feet for other users.

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