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Provincial cash will help ease surgical backlog


Provincial cash will help ease surgical backlog

The pandemic has created a huge backlog of elective surgeries in Ontario. As a result the Ontario government is providing a $30 Million fund to Ontario hospitals.

At the height of the third wave of the pandemic, Ontario had to ramp down non-urgent and non-emergent surgeries in order to maximize the health care resources needed to ensure that patients who most urgently needed care could access it.

The new $30 million Surgical Innovation Fund is a proposal-based funding opportunity that will support hospitals in all regions of the province to provide training for more operating room nurses, equipment and technology supports, and small capital projects to leverage existing spaces to provide additional operating room output.

All hospitals across Ontario are eligible to submit their proposals through their Ontario Health Region by July 21, 2021.. Funding for approved projects is anticipated to be released in early Fall 2021 for immediate implementation this year.

Over 465,000 scheduled surgeries took place in Ontario’s hospitals in 2020-2021. As a result of improvements in hospital capacity, the volume of surgeries being completed in Ontario has increased by approximately 20 per cent a week since non-urgent surgeries resumed in May. Surgical output has reached nearly 70 per cent of pre-pandemic levels.

The number of COVID-19 hospitalizations in the province have decreased by 23.7 per cent between June 14 and June 20, 2021.

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