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Plastic bollards no match for 18-wheelers: Cycling Committee


Plastic bollards no match for 18-wheelers: Cycling Committee

The Hamilton Cycling Committee is calling on the Hamilton Public Works Committee to install concrete barriers separating the Cannon Street bike lanes from the rest of the road. The committee notes, “Cannon Street is also currently a truck route which reduces safety, as the bicycle barriers are currently very small compared to the size and weight of most trucks. Trucks on Cannon Street increase discomfort among cyclists, pushing less comfortable cyclists away from cycling or onto sidewalks where dangerous collisions with pedestrians can occur. Hunter Street, Bay Street and Cannon Street West have all had concrete curbs implemented to improve safety and comfort. This was implemented partly resulting from a spike in cycling caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the known benefits of physical protection being a part of safe cycling infrastructure. Cannon Street East was repaired, and there were some concrete curbs implemented but there are large sections which only utilize less than desirable rubber curbs that are easily crushed, driven over and offer little incentive to not enter the bicycle lane.

“As Cannon Street does not have space for 3-foot painted buffers, planters, signs, or other forms of physical protection, the curb or raised median should be utilized. In this way larger size, weight, visibility of concrete curbs improves safety over smaller rubber curbs.”

“Ontario Traffic Book 18 provides a graph comparing posted speed limit and average daily traffic volume. Cannon Street falls well within the “Physically Separated Bikeway” need. To this end, Hamilton should strive to provide better than minimum standards for bicycle tracks. Cannon Street should be designed with all ages and abilities in mind.

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  • Just my opinion however planners have not put a lot thought into things. Bike lanes which travel beside vehicles is not safe, period.

    The vehicle rules. Would not it of been better to develop dedicated routes for bikes, scooters and any other slower moving modes of travel to not travel with vehicles?

    I recently had a conversation with someone stating just have no cars and well the response I got was expected. I kind of laughed no way would this person give up their vehicle. I understood why and what they were saying. It is a difficult conversation.

    Some drivers are just bad, in a hurry to go nowhere. I see impatience in drivers. Police cannot be everywhere at every moment.

    I live close to one of the worst intersections and one day as the light was changing red east to west, to green north to south, all of a sudden car running the red light went speeding by. Lucky no accident occured as the red light camera flashed.

    My friend got hit standing on the sidewalk as two vehicles at said light collided. Luckily my friend survived though they were hurt and will never be the same. My friend faired better then another victim at another downtown location.

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