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How can we stay cool without breaking the bank this summer?

How can we stay cool without breaking the bank this summer?

Shae Whalen from Reliance Home Comfort, offers  the following energy-efficient tips to help people keep cool when the mercury rises: 

Block out the Sun:

It can be beautiful when the sun beams through your windows, but it’ll cost you. Keeping the shades or blinds drawn on windows facing the sun helps to keep your homes cool. Some window treatments -like reflective shades, blackout drapes and honeycomb blinds- work better than others.

Turn it Off:

Long daylight hours mean homeowners should keep the lights off, whenever possible, to save energy. Likewise, shuttering vents in areas of the house that are not being used will concentrate air conditioning flow more efficiently.

System Check-Up:

From cleaning the filter to inspecting the ductwork, annual maintenance can ensure your HVAC system is running optimally throughout the summer months. In light of COVID-19, it is vital your service technician is taking all necessary safety precautions while performing their maintenance and/or installation.  

Seal and Insulate:

Keep the hot air out and cool air in.  Take some time to inspect your home for air leaks and poor attic insulation.

Fan Out:

Ceiling fans are one of the most cost-effective ways of promoting indoor air circulation. Program fans to rotate counter-clockwise during the summer to push cool air downwards.

Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat:

The latest thermostats can be controlled from anywhere with the tap of a smartphone.  Many smart thermostats can even learn your heating and cooling behaviour and anticipate your home comfort needs to save you money.

Get Some Air:

Instead of drying your clothes in a machine, air them outside and let mother nature do the work.

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