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Eisenberger purchased property in downtown Hamilton, says no conflict exists

Eisenberger purchased property in downtown Hamilton, says no conflict exists

The Bay Observer has obtained property records produced by Teranet, who operate the Ontario Electronic Land Registration System, that indicate Mayor Fred Eisenberger was listed as the owner of a condominiums in a building at 181 James Street North in downtown Hamilton. Contacted by the Bay Observer, Mayor Eisenberger confirmed that he owns one unit in the building. The Teranet records match records obtained from Service Ontario, that indicate the condo in the building was purchased for approximately $500,000 each in April 2019 and registered in the name of Fred Eisenberger. The Mayor also confirmed that the unit is not his principal residence.

Asked by the Bay Observer, “given the widespread consensus that downtown properties in particular will increase in value with LRT; would this not represent a conflict? Did the Integrity Commissioner agree it is not a conflict?” The Mayor said the purchase did not create a conflict

The City of Hamilton Code of Conduct for Employees reads:

A conflict of interest is a situation in which an employee has personal or private interests that may compete with the public interests of the City of Hamilton. Such competing interests can make it difficult to fulfill his or her duties impartially. A conflict of interest can create an appearance of impropriety or a perception of bias that can undermine confidence in the person and in the City of Hamilton generally. A conflict exists even if no unethical or improper act results from it. A conflict of interest can either be an apparent conflict or a real conflict.

Apparent Conflict: An apparent conflict of interest exists where an informed and reasonable person reviewing the matter and having thought the matter through could conclude that a conflict of interest exists.

Real Conflict: A real conflict of interest exists where a personal interest exists and that interest:

1. is known to the employee; and

2. has a connection to the employee’s duties that is sufficient to influence the exercise of those duties.

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  • The sad part here is not just with the Hamilton mayor but what everyone has seen under his tender.A number of scandals Tim Hortons Field,RHVP and Sewerage those scandals has put a lack of TRUST in those who represent Us.The public should be concerned.TRUST JUST NOT THERE.

  • Wow, Mr Best, great Detective work.

    This mayor is despicable. His response is ridiculous because why would the official record list three units if it was not true?

    In George Orwell’s world the mayor must head the Ministry of Truth, which is the Ministry of Untruths in reality.

    We the people need an answer from the Integrity Commissioner as to what type of malfeasance this is?

  • The. Mayor,s answer is a simple responce backed with No Facts.Im sure the numbers Mr.Best reported were backed by facts.With No trust hanging over city hall one can not believe ANYTHING that we hear or see .IT,S BECOMING THAT BAD.Now we see CEO of metrolinx coming to town to answer a number of important questions(other secret meeting?)Where is the public?Words just won’t cut it.Lost Trust so hard to get it back.

  • Mr Sims talks about trust so even in the last municipal election one does have to look at the number who engaged in voting vs the total number of eligible voters.

    Once you factor in the total eligible voters, you can see the percentage of people who disengaged. In fact it was close to one third of the population.

    Only 21% of hamiltonians voted for the current mayor, so in fact the minority is ruling and impacting the decision making process.

    I have not broken numbers down per ward however one could surmise that the same numbers go across wards.

    Current councillors do not survey or ask constituents anything. My councillor focuses on one neighborhood in the ward and everyone else does not count. The neighborhood group is mostly higher incone people do go figure. Bourgeois vs the proletariat.

    I ask what qualified this person to run besides their connection to another person who has oppressed the voices of the working class.

    The class divide is do evident and it is unjust those who do not struggle can direct how others live.

    • True.But to continue this political agenda which ignores listening to the majority of the Hamilton public.Ten public meetings No answers to operational cost.metrolinx won’t support hurt business.Three suggestions by metrolinx Save up,re-locate or close the doors.Citizens Jury promote the LRT.No ballot vote on project.This whole LRT project will be rammed down our throats.Its time for a tax revolt or a removable of the mayor and councillors who don’t are about the future tax burden on all of Us.

  • They should of had a referendum last election however they didn’t.

    Direct democracy is what is needed, not the lame public consultation process we have now. which in attending these types of meetings are fruitless.

    Given the Vital Signs report, too many are struggling which is not something new. It is telling us, things have become dire for many.

    It does not help when an article is published by Mr LIUNA, which purports the majority who have responded to them want the LRT.

    Notice they never give a number of how many responded? Is it 100 , 1,000, 10,000, 100,000?

    Just propaganda that has no documentation, just hyperbole.

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