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“Let Hamilton Council decide on transit”…Hill Times

“Let Hamilton Council decide on transit”…Hill Times

The influential Ottawa insider publication Hill Times has run an editorial critical of the Federal and Ontario Governments’’ decision to insist on LRT for Hamilton over Bus Rapid transit. Earlier the Hill Times had published a story about Hamilton East-Stoney Creek MPP, Bob Bratina’s decision to not run again in protest over the transit decision. The article quoted, pollster Greg Lyle of Innovative Research, who told The Hill Times that Mr. Bratina’s decision not to seek re-election should be a “cause of concern” for the Liberals. He said the Liberals are losing a politician with a lot of name recognition in the riding, and it matters that Mr. Bratina is quitting over an issue that is important to the local people. Mr. Lyle said that this will potentially have ramifications for all five ridings in the area, including those held by other parties. “It has implications for all five because, remember, the Liberals would also like to get some pickups,” said Mr. Lyle. “This is a very well-known MP who is quitting on a really important issue to Hamilton. So it’s the fact that you’ve got both: a well-recognized person, and you’ve got an important local issue. [It]would be a cause for concern.”

Editorializing on the transit funding announcement the Hill Times opined;

“It’s surprising and makes one wonder why the two levels of government are insisting that the money can only be used for the LRT project. Both levels of government should explain publicly why, with all the objections raised by the local MP, they insist only on the LRT project. What are the vested interests at play behind this project?…

If Mr. Bratina is right that the property taxes will go up because of the LRT’s high operational and maintenance costs, why not opt for the BRT project? Also if this project is not shovel ready, the two federal ministers shouldn’t be saying it is.

Both levels of government should leave it up to Hamilton’s mayor and city councillors to make an informed decision on how they want to spend the $3.4 billion and, before making the decision, the city council needs to find out exactly how much the operational and maintenance costs will be. Based on this information, the council should decide what’s best for the residents of Hamilton.”

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  • Cost of transit in Hamilton? Subsidized of HSR cost $30M a yr.add other system at this point will bankrupt this city.Why do we ignore this city is different being on two levels?Hamilton needs the right transit system to support the lower and upper city.A system that will not drown the city tax payers in Debt.Should have been a ballot vote on this issue.A true picture f what Hamilton residents want.Not a slick move by the mayor to eliminate a No vote by the public.Vote for me and a LRT.

  • The China Virus has changed or eliminated many potential users of any transit system. 3.4 Billions of OUR money should not be wasted on this Elephant.
    No Council in its right mind would vote For LRT. The fancy artists drawings conveniently do not show the maze of Catinery wiring and thousands of poles supporting them. As many as 10 large wires at a time. Unknown maintenance costs.
    A truly asinine idea. Bus routes can be changed easily to support needs. Most of Hamiltonians will never see the LRT if it is built, just pay in perpetuity for it. Again.

  • I’m sure that metrolinx boss comes to Hamilton to meet with city councillors that his shovel will be full with the bull crap.Hamilton can’t afford two transit systems PERIOD.Let Me ask this question.Commercisl adds on LRT.Who ets that big ticket revenue and the cash box? Let me guess METROLINX.Thats all metrolinx wants the revenue not the cost of the garage and operational cost.WE THE HAMILTON TAX PAYERS HAVE TOO BE SUCKERS TO SAY YES TO THIS CORRUPT DEAL.A SINGLE LRT ROUTE DOES NOTHING FOR HAMILTON.

  • Remove the dark cloud over city hall.Enough of scandals and secret deals.CHANGE IS NEEDED HERE.THE MAYOR AND A NUMBER OF COUNCILLORS HAVE TO GO.The people of Hamilton don’t need the cost of two transit. Systems.We are a city different from all others being on two levels.A all electric LRT operation will see future operating cost,fare and local taxes sky rocket .We did not get a vote.ITS TIME FOR A HONEST PUBLIC VOTE.NOT A PROCESS TO ELIMINATE A NO VOTE.THATS WHAT HAPPENED IN THE LAST CIVIC ELECTION CORRUPTION.

  • Today’s meeting with metrolinx boss Phil VERSTER.Both Verster and the mayor have avoided the problems in KW and Ottawa.Yes there is some economic uplifts along the LRT route but in the case of KW and Ottawa much has been eft out.KW residents are fighting LRT exspansion.Huge quality issues with cars.A two year fix.Ottawa buses on standby as LRT fails to meet the needs of the transit rider.More cover-up.We can’t afford both transit system’s.Ignore Hamilton is on two levels.They still ignore that.

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