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Citizen group forming to tackle Council incumbents

Citizen group forming to tackle Council incumbents

A new citizen group has been formed with the aim of changing some of the faces on Hamilton City Council. Calling itself IELECT Hamilton, the group will stage its official kickoff Saturday. A release states the goal of the organization is “New Leadership for a Better Hamilton,” and organizers want to see new leaders sitting at City Council following the 2022 municipal election by supporting initiatives that increase voter turnout and provide education around key civic issues.”

The release continues, “the group came together because of their concerns about scandals (i.e. RHVP), cover-ups (Sewergate), bad decisions (increasing their own pensions), and a lack of leadership (hate in Hamilton) by Council, all culminating in an erosion of the public trust in our leaders.”

“We think it’s time for some new leadership around the table,” says one of the group’s organizers, Dr. Ameil Joseph, a Ph.D. with a focus on social justice, race and ethics. “As Canada’s 10th largest city, Hamilton deserves bolder, more inspiring, more accountable leadership. We think Hamiltonians have a more ambitious vision for their city than the one too many of our politicians seem to see.”

The name chosen by the group, IELECT Hamilton, is based on research that identified the highest priorities on the minds of Canadian municipal voters. The six priorities identified – Infrastructure, Economy, Leadership, Environment, Community, and Transportation, form the acronym IELECT.

•             The goals and objectives of IELECT Hamilton

•             Information on pivotal civic issues, including some of the troubling issues arising in this term of council

•             Ward & Councillor profiles, as well as information on their stances, time in office and

voting records

The organization has posted a Resident Survey to gather feedback on how residents feel Hamilton is currently performing in each of the six priorities

•             Media, including videos like A Be>er Hamilton, that details an ideal vision of the city

based on research.

Reached by the Bay Observer, IELECT Hamilton spokesperson Graham Crawford said despite the anti-incumbent messaging in the news release, the group does not intend to run a formal slate of candidates in the 2022 election.

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  • Yes far to many scandals all costing the Hamilton tax payers.A lack of trust in the mayor and council.A black cloud hangs over city hall and it’s growing.The LRT plan is a great example of eliminating a No vote coming from the public.Citizen Jury to promote LRT. No negative comments allowed.Ten public meetings than was not transparent about operating cost.still hidden facts.Lost HSR revenue on LRT route has to be made up by tax payers.HSR fares have to match LRT fares.No public control of HSR fares now.Ni say in the LRT operation.The big question.If metrolinx wants to own and operate the LRT WHY ARE THE TAX PAYERS PAYING FOR THE MAINTANACE AND GARAGE COST. LRT IS A PRIVATE OPERATION THEY SHOULD PAY FOR ALL THINGS RELATED TO A LRT OPERATION NOT THE HAMILTON TAX PAYER.

  • In principle, I agree with what this new group is advocating for. I find that the councillors DO NOT SURVEY their constituents on any issue.

    My councillor is PRO LRT, yet when I have talked to people, they do not want it. I have emailed my councillor expressing that a referendum on the LRT issue is imperative because it is going to determine once and for all where the majority lies. For my councillor just to push forward their own choice without survey or referendum then they are nothing but an authoritarian, that is not really democratic.

    I dont like the term anchor groups that represent business groups lobbying for their own self interests.

    I find that the low income voice is missing from the equation. They are a sector of society that is not organization and it is again unjust that entities like the shelter health clinic network does the talking when the people who have to interact with the various agencies do not tell their experiences, complaints and how they are treated by the various agencies.

    Can we get one definition of affordable housing? I feel what is coming down the line is that those who need housing will not get affordable housing, nor do they get to offer input into the discussion. Small little boxes, jo green space for kids to play, grow gardens and for those on OW or ODSP, the rent charged has to be what is allotted by OW or ODSP.

    We need more direct democracy, the public needs to be involved and all voices need to be heard and respected.

    Favorite line from Judge Judy, God gave you two ears and only one mouth, so listening is the greater communication skill.

  • Why did this project go ahead when Hamilton failed to meet the required ridership numbers?It should have stopped there.We still don’t have the population numbers to make it a cucess.Facts on cost after ten public meetings were not told.Hidden agenda?We are NOT shovel ready as reported.This will continue if we go ahead with this.The mayor and council can’t be trusted.

  • Big question who pays for what?Special snow equipment,transit rider protective housing.Ad revenue.Eastgate mall HSR bus terminal.No room for LRT.Mall rule No parking for riders.No deals with metrolinx.Underpass at Gage,Queenston Rd bridge over RHVP tear down or shore up?COST?

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