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More vaccine coming, but demand even higher


More vaccine coming, but demand even higher

Ontario will receive almost 6 Million doses of Vaccine between now and June 27—almost all of it the Pfizer product. Updated statistics released by the federal vaccine distribution office show that as of yesterday, Ontario has received 8.6 Million dozes of vaccine. Going forward Ontario will get a total of 5.3 Million doses of Pfizer vaccine and 410,000 doses of Moderna. There is also a likelihood that there will be more Moderna Vaccine shipped since the 410,000 shipment is slated to arrive next week. Moderns had be beset with production and distribution snags that have made getting a level of predictability on shipment difficult. Canada has distributed almost 22 Million doses of COVID vaccine so far.

Meanwhile there is news that the Pfizer Vaccine will not need ultra cold storge after all. Pfizer Inc. and are now saying  that they said could allow their COVID-19 vaccine to be stored in pharmacy freezers rather than in ultra-cold storage facilities.

The news will make the Pfizer vaccine significantly more portable and allow it to be deployed in remote areas where the type of refrigeration that was thought to be necessary was not available. Despite the uptick in doses coming into the province the demand for vaccination appointments is outstripping supply in Hamilton, Niagara and Haldimand Norfolk. Using the provincial booking portal some Hamiltonians have been able to get bookings in Mississauga and other jurisdictions.

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