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Trust in politicians plummets during pandemic


Trust in politicians plummets during pandemic

The COVID pandemic has really taken a toll on the level of trust Canadians have for their political leaders. A survey conducted by Discover-the public opinion arm of the government affairs firm, Navigator, said  trust in Prime Minister Trudeau, Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Alberta Premier Jason Kenny showed trust in all three had dropped sharply during the pandemic.  The survey concluded, “Canadians’ trust in their political leaders declined sharply at both the federal and provincial level with Ontario and Alberta residents reporting the biggest loss of trust.

The study also concluded that Prime Minister Trudeau was not faring well on the Trust Index. Fully 44 percent of respondents say they trust Prime Minister Trudeau less now than at the start of the pandemic while just 19 percent reported trusting him more, giving the PM a pandemic progression score of minus 25. Even in Ontario, Trudeau was under water by 28 points.

Trudeau lost ground in the key battlegrounds of Quebec and Ontario. Discover graphic

In Ontario, Premier Doug Ford was second only to Alberta Premier Jason Kenny in loss of trust. 51 percent of Ontarians said they trusted Ford less since the pandemic began versus 20 percent who trusted him more for a trust progression score of minus 31.

Only Quebec Premier Legault gained ground in the survey. Doscover graphic

The report also showed than large businesses and corporations experienced a significant loss in trust with a score of minus 18, while small businesses enjoyed much higher confidence with a score of plus-22. Doctors and scientists saw their trust levels rise significantly with scores of plus 38 and plus 34 respectively.

The online survey was conducted between April 30th and May 4th involving 1500 adults, with an accuracy level of plus or minus 2.53 percent, 19 times out of 20.

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  • It really is laughable even though it is serious the black humor side of me to listen to the constant word salads from the various political leaders.

  • It’s not hard to see how bad our political system has got.Trudeau is the cause of more Canadians dying as he failed to close border.Doug Ford not much better.He to has failed Us in many ways.Now a flip flopper and is useless as Premier.Pathatic The other political parties if honest should have thrown him out.they didn’t.Locally in Hamilton the mayor and council have far to many scandals that’s cost the tax payers millions they to should be changed next election.

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