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High-rise property developers will have to invest in waste diversion


High-rise property developers will have to invest in waste diversion

If a recommendation by the Waste Management Subcommittee is adopted, the builders of high-rise apartments buildings are going to have to invest in equipment that will allow residents to divert their garbage as they dump it into the garbage chute. The report noted that there will soon be a requirement to install a chute system capable of diverting waste. The systems required include separate chutes for each waste stream: garbage, organics, container recycling and fibre recycling. The new rule would only apply to buildings greater than six storeys in height.

Sketch of a resident-activated waste diversion system

Six storeys or less exempt

Low-rise buildings (those with 6 storeys or less) will have the option to not install chutes but must have all waste taken to a central room for disposal

There would be a transition period to allow the industry to adapt to the new regulations, and waste management staff will work out a transition policy with the Planning Department.

Staff are also recommending that multi-residential properties that do not meet certain requirements will have to obtain private garbage collection. An example would be a property where site constraints such as size and shape make it impossible for a waste collection vehicle to enter and exit the property in a forward motion.

Apartments have poor waste diversion rates

Apartment buildings are notorious for their failure to divert waste from landfills. Hamilton currently has a diversion rate of about 40 percent. But an audit of 27 apartment buildings earlier this year, showed that the diversion rate (percentage of waste that was diverted from landfill in either the blue box or green bin programs was only 26 percent.

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