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Hamilton Police seek wannabe cop


Hamilton Police seek wannabe cop

Hamilton Police are investigating a report of a suspicious male impersonating a police officer.

On Friday, May 7, 2021, shortly before 12:30 a.m., a motorist was travelling on the Lincoln Alexander Parkway near Upper Gage Avenue. At that time, he noticed a dark SUV with activated emergency lights that were mounted inside the front windshield, directly behind him. He immediately pulled over to the side of the road and observed a male dressed in clothing similar to a police officer exit the vehicle.

Once the individual was near the driver’s side door, the driver obtained a clear view of the individual and felt that his clothing and appearance did not resemble a Hamilton Police Officer. The driver immediately left the scene and contacted the police.

During the incident, there was no verbal interaction between the driver and the individual.

Police can confirm that this was not a police officer.

Detectives from the Criminal Investigation Branch are now investigating the incident and are asking anyone who may have experienced a similar circumstance to come forward.

Suspect Description

male, caucasian

25-30 years-old


brown hair

blue short sleeve shirt (similar to that worn by Hamilton Police Cadet)

black jeans

two “silver ball” earrings in each ear (one small and one large)

gold badge with a star and “Police”

Vehicle Description

possibly 2013

black Ford SUV interceptor

front ram bar

tires and rims similar to Hamilton Police vehicle

red and blue light strips approximately 12 inches long with a total of four, two stacked on top of one another

Hamilton Police recognize the public’s trust in the police is very important and incidents like this can cause the community to second guess a police officer’s identity. If you are questioning whether the person you are dealing with is an officer, ask them for their badge number and contact police for confirmation.

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