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Hundreds of E-scooters could be coming to Hamilton


Hundreds of E-scooters could be coming to Hamilton

Hamilton could see an influx of between 1,500 and 2,700 e-scooters if a staff recommendation is approved, When council green-lit a bike-sharing program last fall it also ok’d a phased procurement process for other mobility options including  electric kick style scooters (E-Scooters). Staff are now proposing that E-Scooter proposals go out to tender. The allowing of E Scooters on public roads is part of a five-year pilot launched January 1, 2020, by the province with the goal of evaluating the use of E-Scooters to safely integrate with other vehicle types and determine whether they should be permanently allowed on roads in Ontario.

The City of Hamilton has already passed a by-law to permit E-Scooters on roads, bike lanes and designated pathways.

Staff are recommending that a request for proposals be put out and that up to three scooter rental operators selected, allowing each to operate up to 500 bikes.

The plan is to have the E-scooter venders operate in the same part of the city now covered by the bike share program, but if an operator wants to extend the coverage area beyond the bike-share zone, they could be allowed to operate as many as 900 bikes per operator or 2,700 e-scooters overall.

Commercial E-Scooter program already exist in jurisdictions such as Ottawa, ON, Calgary, AB, Kelowna, BC, Seattle, WA, and San Francisco, CA where programs are already in place.

The staff report says all capital and operating costs will be the responsibility of the commercial operator. All City costs for administration of the program and enforcement costs will be recovered through the program fees as well as fine revenues.

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