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Hamilton clears the way for secondary apartment suites

Hamilton clears the way for secondary apartment suites

The current housing crisis has made necessary some more creative solutionist’s to getting affordable housing on the market. Hamilton council passed a package of recommendations that will make it easier for Hamiltonian to build secondary residential units. The set of regulations developed by City planners will allow apartment conversions within existing dwellings, but also allow for the establishment of detached housing units on properties.

Under the new provincial rules municipalities can permit “Additional Residential Units” in both a detached, semi-detached, and row houses, and in an ancillary building or structure such as laneway houses or coach houses. Property owners would be permitted one internal secondary residential unit and one detached unit=but not two of the same.

The changes were supported by the West End Home Builders Group, representing the development community. In a submission the group wrote. There are several benefits to permitting Secondary Units throughout the City of Hamilton. The first is that permitting SDU’s will assist the City of Hamilton in achieving the provincial growth targets. Secondly, encouraging SDU’s in existing neighbourhoods is one way to address the trend of declining neighbourhood populations and represents part of a solution to Hamilton’s housing affordability issues. As members of Hamilton’s Housing & Homelessness Planning Group WE HBA is pleased to see the City of Hamilton moving towards allowing gentle small scale intensification opportunities that can contribute to housing affordability and add much needed missing middle housing to our communities.

Donna Bacher, President of the Realtors Association of Hamilton and Burlington tweeted the changed “might finally have an affordable path to creating new and legalizing existing units in the lower City,” adding, “the new SDU bylaw will allow development where it’s needed the most- Wards 1,2,3 & 4.”

For more information  on the changed regulations, click here.

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