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Championed City School– Mohawk’s Emily Ecker is honoured

Championed City School– Mohawk’s Emily Ecker is honoured

Emily Ecker is the Gold recipient in the Managerial category for Colleges and Institutes of Canada, (CICAN) national Awards of Excellence. The annual awards showcase the contributions of college employees from across Canada and the role of these institutions the social, cultural and economic development of our communities.

Currently serving as the college’s Associate Dean, Community Partnerships and Learning, Emily has focused her career on advancing access to education for at-risk populations in Hamilton. Thanks to Mohawk College’s Emily Ecker more people in Hamilton have access to a college education. In its citation CICAN wrote, “Emily’s leadership in engendering vibrant community connections, fostering respectful stakeholder alliances, developing robust curriculum and program delivery, and ensuring strong student learning outcomes, have resulted in the establishment of powerful community-based programs like City School, which has garnered provincial and national recognition as an exemplar strategy that addresses poverty reduction through education. Emily is a champion for making education accessible and her efforts within the college and community have been pivotal in opening a world of hope for Hamiltonians.

“Emily’s commitment to excellence and her passion for building bridges to education have been the catalyst for many successful collaborations and have helped to drive the development of innovative programs that reflect the needs of students, employers and the community,” said Ron McKerlie, President & CEO, Mohawk College. “Congratulations, Emily, and thank you for making Mohawk College, and our community, a better place for everyone.”

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