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Use the mountain stairs –face a fine of $750-plus


Use the mountain stairs –face a fine of $750-plus

The Board of Health Meeting Monday showed  how the ever-shifting COVID advice coming from Queen’s Park affects health agencies at the local level. No sooner did City officials slap up “closed” signs and yellow tape on the city’s playground equipment, than the Province reversed that ban and now city workers will re-open the play structures. But City Emergency measures director Paul Johnson made it clear he was in favour of the closures. He told |Board of Health that it wasn’t a case that people were catching COVID on the play structures, but the whole idea of open playgrounds encouraged people to congregate, and that is where the danger lies. He said Hamilton is nowhere near the level of  shutdown that was seen in the first wave.

He said he was disappointed driving around on the weekend to see people gathering in parks and playgrounds without social distancing an d without wearing masks. Johnson stressed that the only change from Friday’s lockdown orders is the playgrounds reopening. Everything else remains in place including the ban on the use of the mountain stairs. Johnson reiterated that the stairs are closed to all but essential workers who use the stairs to get to work. He said this ban will be strictly enforced and scofflaws will face a hefty fine of over $800.

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