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Stoney Creek PC nomination hopeful abandons campaign in disagreement with Ont. PCs

Stoney Creek PC nomination hopeful abandons campaign in disagreement with Ont. PCs

A young Stoney Creek PC supporter who had launched a bid for the provincial nomination in the next election has abandoned the campaign over policy differences with the party. Kevin Geenen, who is an occasional contributor to the Bay Observer, issued this statement Saturday.

On Family Day weekend , I officially launched my campaign for the Ontario PC Party nomination for the riding of Hamilton East-Stoney Creek. Today, on Saturday, April 17, 2021, I am officially cancelling my campaign for the nomination. This decision to cancel the campaign was a gradual decision.

Going into the campaign, I knew that there were decisions made by the Ontario PC Party and its leader that I did not agree with, namely, the cancellation of various environmental programs and the cancellation of the Basic Income Pilot Project.

As the pandemic has progressed, and transparency and competence has been rather hard to come by from the Ford Government, I came to realize that the differences between my personal values and those of the Ontario PC Party are too great. This does not mean that I plan to run for a different party, but means that I am shifting my focus.

As I finish my undergraduate degree in the next few months, my focus will be on my journalistic work and possibly municipal politics (stay tuned).

I want to be a community builder, a facilitator of discussion, and a promoter of civic engagement. I want to create a community that is rooted in the values of inclusivity and mutual respect. As such, I continue to provide “no nonsense reporting” with COVID updates and important community information across all platforms, reaching over one million people in the last week alone.

Never before has it been more important for communities to rally together and support each other. Going forward, I will continue to work to strengthen community ties and encourage civic engagement across Ontario and the GTHA.

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