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Back to plan A–Hamilton to pursue 2030 Commonwealth Games

Back to plan A–Hamilton to pursue 2030 Commonwealth Games

The Hamilton Spectator’s Steve Milton is reporting that the Hamilton Commonwealth Games bid team has scrapped possible 2026 and 2027 bids and will renew its original plan to pursue the 2030 games. The original plan was to stage the games in Hamilton in 2030, which would be the centennial of the original games, then called the British Empire Games that were first held in Hamilton in 1930.

Plans changed when the Commonwealth Games Federation started to experience problems finding a bidder for its 2026 games. Several Canadian and Commonwealth cities looked at the possibility before dropping out for a variety of reasons. The 2026 issue has still not been resolved.

The Province of Ontario nixed the idea of supporting Hamilton for 2026 because of a conflict with the FIFA world Cup, which will hold some of its games in Ontario and which is being supported by the province. The province said it would consider supporting games beyond 2026, which led to the Hamilton group considering 2027 as a possibility, but the Commonwealth Games Federation wants to stick to its quadrennial timetable.

The 2030 games bid has tentative support from Hamilton City Council and the Province, but it will put Hamilton in a position of competing for the games with other Commonwealth countries. The Commonwealth Games Federation had offered the 2026 version to Hamilton on an exclusive basis.

In recent Month there has been some sign of interest in the 2026 games from India and Sri Lanka. Awarding the games to a non-North American city in 2026 would enhance the chances for a Canadian Bid for 2030

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