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Your Spring Maintenance To-Do List

Your Spring Maintenance To-Do List

The spring showers and singing birds on their way! And if you’re anything like me you have a to-do list on the fridge, a wish list taped to the bottom of the to-do list, and an even bigger list of plans for more projects in your future. 

Turn on the air conditioning and verify that everything’s working properly — the first sweltering day of summer isn’t the time to find out it didn’t make it through the winter. Have a professional HVAC company service the air conditioner every two to three years. They’ll ensure everything’s in working order and check your coolant levels. You can search for HVAC professionals in your area. Make sure all downspouts are in place and extended as far as possible from the house to take care of the water coming off the roof. Also check and clean your eaves troughs. While you’re outside, inspect the exterior of your home and foundation for any cracks or damage that may have occurred over the winter and, if necessary, get them repaired as soon as possible. Check and clean out your sump pit — it’s your last line of defense for groundwater looking to find it’s way into your basement. A proper weeping tile system around your home will direct water into the sump pit, which is then pumped away from the house or into the storm sewer. If the pump is getting old or shows signs of weakness, replace it. Also consider installing a battery back-up system. Even a sump pump in perfect condition won’t save your basement from a flood without power. I learned this the hard way. We all have plans to renovate and update our homes, but it’s a good idea to put in the little time it takes to maintain them. A little work now will keep them operating at their best before starting any new projects and adding to the many lists on our fridges. Make a list of regular maintenance items for your home, and put it on top of the to-do list.

By Bryan Baeumler
Baeumler Approved is a program that helps homeowners connect with contractors, trades and home service providers from all across Canada. We help homeowners know what to look for, seek out and vouch for a history of good service by speaking with previous clients and collaborators. for more information.

Bryan Baeumler, is a Gemini Winner and host of HGTV’s Island of Bryan , Bryan Inc., Leave it to Bryan, Disaster DIY, Canada’s Handyman Challenge, and House of Bryan. Based out of Ontario, Bryan owns and operates Baeumler Quality Construction, a full service construction and renovation firm. His network of contractors and home service providers Baeumler Approved, helps homeowners connect with quality companies across Canada. For more information visit

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