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Seen a beautiful front yard? Own one? Its Trillium Award time

Seen a beautiful front yard? Own one? Its Trillium Award time

COVID lockdowns won’t stop Hamilton from staging its annual Trillium Awards. Beginning today, the City of Hamilton launched its call for Volunteer Judges and Trillium Award nominations, an award that promotes community pride by recognizing residents who contribute to a more attractive neighbourhood by landscaping and maintaining their garden.

Whether they are residential or commercial properties, all front yard gardens can be nominated as part of the program. Residents are encouraged to nominate any garden including their own if it appears worthy of a Trillium Award by June 15, 2021.

Nominated gardens have a chance at winning in a variety of categories including the White, Pink and Red Trillium Award.

Nominated gardens are judged based on the following criteria:

•             Curb appeal

•             Landscape maintenance

•             Landscape design principles and elements

•             Elements of design

The Trillium Awards Program, formally called The Hamilton Beautification Awards Program, was established in 1956.  The program “promotes and encourages community pride through the recognition of excellence in landscape design, maintenance and effort to beautify properties making a positive contribution to the City of Hamilton”. Every year, the Hamilton Trillium Awards program is made possible by the volunteers who contribute their time to judge nominated gardens in Hamilton. Residents interested in becoming a Volunteer Judge will receive training on how to recognize award eligibility and are provided with the materials needed to select an award-winning garden.

This year, the nomination process, training sessions and committee meetings will occur virtually.

To register to become a Volunteer Judge, nominate a front yard garden and learn more about this year’s award season, visit:

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