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Ford steps up tiff with Feds over vaccine shipments

Ford steps up tiff with Feds over vaccine shipments

It was a case of whose point of view do you listen to  today, as Federal officials and Premier Ford held almost back-to-back news conferences today to discuss the COVID 19 vaccine issue. Prime Minister Trudeau and Procurement Minister Anita Anand had wildly different takes on the state of vaccination in Canada from that of Premier Ford.  Anand told reporters that the doses of vaccine have moved from a trickle to a gusher and predicted that by the end of June Canada will have received 44 Million doses of vaccine from the various suppliers. Pfizer alone will ship 18 Million doses by the end of June  and Astra Zeneca will ship 5.5 Million doses by then. Minister Anita Anand said Canada had exceeded all expectations in vaccine procurement.

With regard to Astra Zeneca there was no mention of the temporary discontinuation of the use of the vaccine in persons under 55, although Toronto Doctor Earl Bogosh told CP 24 that he thinks the pause is only a temporary precaution, pointing out that most of the UK vaccinations were of the Astra Zeneca brand and that Britain has had great success with the vaccine, now leading most western countries in percentage of population vaccinated.

In his news conference Ford expressed frustration with the delivery hiccups Ontario has been experiencing, noting that Ontario’s shipment of Moderna Vaccine has been postponed five times. He also noted that while a truckload of AstraZeneca vaccine had arrived from Michigan today, he was still waiting to see when and how much of it  it would be allocated to Ontario. In his recent news conferences Ford has been defaulting to the uncertainty of vaccine supply, a federal responsibility, in answer to virtually any question from reporters on Ontario’s COVID response.

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