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Small Business, Hospitals and healthcare to receive extra funding in Ontario’s budget


Small Business, Hospitals and healthcare to receive extra funding in Ontario’s budget

Finance Minister Peter Bethlenfalvy, a man who got into politics to try to bring down deficits has nonetheless issued the second largest single year budget in the Province’s history. The $186 Million dollar budget that will run a deficit of $33 Billion is only slightly less than the 2020 COVID budget and will push Ontario’s total debt to $440 Billion.

Finance Minister Peter Bethlenfalvy

The budget puts another$1 billion for the province-wide vaccination plan. Ontario will put up $2.3 billion for testing and contact tracing, $1.4 billion for personal protective equipment, including more than 315 million masks and more than 1.2 billion gloves.

The big hospital news was an additional $5.1 billion to support hospitals since the pandemic began, creating more than 3,100 additional hospital beds. This includes $1.8 billion in 2021–22 to continue providing care for COVID-19 patients, address surgical backlogs and keep pace with patient needs.

Long term case will get nearly another Billion dollars for a total of $2.6 billion, to support building 30,000 new long-term care beds. Ontario is also investing $246 million over the next four years to improve living conditions in existing homes, including ensuring that homes have air conditioning for residents.

small businesses and family credits

Small business in Ontario will receive another round of support grants of up to $20,000.

To protect loved ones in long-term care from the deadly COVID-19 virus, Ontario is investing an additional $650 million in 2021–22, bringing the total resources invested since the beginning of the pandemic to protect the most vulnerable to over $2 billion.

To ensure loved ones receive the best quality care in Canada, Ontario is investing

$4.9 billion over four years to increase the average direct daily care to four hours a day in

More PSW’s and hospital beds

long-term care and hiring more than 27,000 new positions, including personal support workers (PSWs) and nurses.

Hospital expansion and construction projects will include a new inpatient wing at William Osler Health System’s Peel Memorial, and ongoing planning of a new regional hospital in Windsor-Essex.

The Ontario COVID-19 Child Benefit, will be doubled to $400 per child for this round and $500 for each child with special needs, which means a family with three young children, one of whom has special needs, will receive $2,600 in total after the third round of payments.

The  government is proposing a 20 per cent enhancement of the CARE tax credit for 2021. This would increase support from $1,250 to $1,500, on average

Ontario will investing $2.8 billion, in Broadband bringing the Province’s total investment to nearly $4 billion over six years beginning 2019–20.

Finally, Ontario’s municipalities stand to receive $1 billion in additional financial relief in 2021

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