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Hamilton modular affordable housing design gets nod from review panel


Hamilton modular affordable housing design gets nod from review panel

A vacant parking lot on King William Street will soon be the site of a 24-unit modular affordable housing unit once CMHC gives its approval. The $8 Million project could be open by the Spring of 2022 if all goes according to plan, says Ward Two councillor Jason Farr. Launched in 2016, the Affordable Housing Innovation Fund is a $200-million fund for encouraging new funding models and innovative building techniques in affordable housing. The Fund will create up to 4,000 new affordable housing units over 5 years.

The 24-unit affordable housing complex will be located on King William Street near Wellington

Clr. Farr says the Hamilton project was given the thumbs up by the Design Review Panel—a volunteer group of architects and other experts that provide input to Council and staff on proposed building projects. “The DRP is a commenting body on any large inner-city project we undertake,” says Farr. “We meet with them early in the life of a project so they can help shape the design of projects like this one.”

Some of the features of the complex include:

•  Infilling an existing parking lot with 24 compact studio units

•  As much as is feasible, storm water will be managed on site.

•  The building will be Passive House Certified.

• The building will be equipped with photovoltaic panels on the roof that will be tied into the electrical grid.

•  The proposed building will be pre-fabricated off site. Off-site fabrication re-duces the amount of waste generated by construction.

• The units in the building will not be energy intensive.

•  Located within the downtown core, project residents will have immediate access to public transit, helping to lessen the dependency on private vehicles.

For more information on modular housing click here.

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