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Optimism on the Canadian Vaccine front


Optimism on the Canadian Vaccine front

Gen. Dany Fortin, the head of Canada’s Vaccine distribution effort, sounded an optimistic note today as he ticked off the various vaccines that the country has purchased, and their expected arrival in Canada.

He told reporters that to date Canada has received 3 Million doses of vaccine and distributed them to the provinces.

This month he said, Canada is on target to received 3.6 million doses—1.8 Million from Pfizer, 1.3 Million from Moderna and half a million doses on the Astra Zenica vaccine being manufactured under licence in India.

April could see 4.5 Million doses or more Fortin said. Pfizer will be delivering vaccine at a pace of 760,000 doses per week, and there will be a million more from Astra Zenica, and possibly more depending on the timing of Health Canada’s approval of the new Johnson and Johnson vaccine. That approval could some in the next week.

Without getting into further specifics, Fortin predicted that Canada will receive 23 Million vaccine doses by the end of June and he once again reiterated that anyone who wants a vaccination will get one “by September.” There had been some question yesterday when Prime Minister Trudeau discussed the issue whether “By September meant the beginning or the end of the month.

South of the border, Joe Biden has moved up his prediction on the date when the US will be fully vaccinated. He is now suggesting that the US will have enough vaccine for everybody by the end of May. That being the case, the manufacturers based in the US may be looking for other markets like Canada.

There was further promising new from Fortin. He said Pfizer has now relaxed its refrigeration requirements, saying their vaccine can be stored in conventional cold storage for up to two weeks, which will make it more potable to more remote areas and allow it to be used in mobile clinics, extending its reach and flexibility of use.

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