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Calgary singer earning raves for “Radar”

Calgary singer earning raves for “Radar”

Canadian R&B singer Justine Tyrell’s brand new single, “Radar”, has received rave reviews across the country and was just featured on CBC’s “Songs You Need To Hear This Week”. “Radar” is a silky, smooth R&B piano ballad recorded live off the floor – no retakes or edits, and discusses a past lover who chooses to keep an eye on their old flame – keeping them on their radar.

Justine Tyrell ended 2020 on a high note. Her late fall release of “Worthy” – a sultry, melodic anthem of self-worth was the first single off of her upcoming EP and received raves reviews from coast to coast. From features on CBC’s “Marvin’s Room”, morning television shows across the country, music magazines and more, it’s no wonder that Branded Magazine called Justine “a game changer”.


Justine Tyrell has earned nominations for Singer of the Year, Solo Artist of the Year, Media Personality of the Year (Obsidian Awards), and has gone on to be named one of Branded Magazine’s ‘Game Changers, in her City of Calgary,’. She has been featured on CBC Radio, received nods from Stingray Music, featured in Metro and went on to see exciting success with the release of her latest single, ‘Hopes Up’.

When asked about her largest influences and greatest musical memories growing up – she says it’s as somewhere between “discovering my first Aaliyah CD, crying to the first Amy Winehouse song I’d ever heard, scribbling down song ideas in the back of my journals– and the feeling I got when the hair stood up on end, at my first concert.”

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