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Canada’s military chief subject of misconduct probe

Canada’s military chief subject of misconduct probe

He’s only been on the job for a few weeks but already Vice Admiral Art McDonald, chief of Defense Staff is stepping aside while he is being investigated for inappropriate conduct involving a female subordinate. This comes only days after McDonald’s predecessor, Jonathan Vance found himself the target of a probe into his relationship with a female subordinate. Vance retired from the Canadian Forces last summer.

Incident while on arctic mission

The CBC is reporting that McDonald is being investigated for an alleged incident that took place on an Arctic mission several years ago involving a junior female officer at a shipboard party where alcohol was consumed. When he was appointed Chief of Defence Staff a few weeks ago. McDonald was praised for a speech he delivered on his swearing in where he apologized episodes of racism and other inappropriate conduct experienced by Canadian Forces members in the past. He later said he issued the apology because he was sure that he had unintentionally been part of the problems that have been plaguing the Canadian Military for years. At that time in reference to unspecified past incidents he said, “when challenged by some of the circumstances, I thought maybe I didn’t hear a voice.”

Defense Minister Sajjan has appointed Canadian Army commander Lt.-Gen. Wayne Eyre acting chief of the defence staff. Late Wednesday the Minister released a statement.

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