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GTA company working on the treatment side of COVID

GTA company working on the treatment side of COVID

With so much emphasis on COVID vaccination currently, attempts to treat and even cure the virus get less media attention, but there are efforts underway worldwide to find pharmaceutical treatments. Right now, there is considerable media attention to a well-known veterinary drug, Ivermectin, as a possible cure and preventive for Covid-19. The drug has been used for years as an anti-parasitic in animals but it’s drawback for human consumption is that the drug is not very soluble, making it hard to administer via injection; in fact, there is no human injectable available today. Large gauge needles are used to administer it to large animals, but humans can only receive the drug in tablet form which can take a long time to be absorbed into the body, and often by the time it has gone through the digestive process the amount of the drug that actually gets into the system is greatly reduced. An Ontario company, Mountain Valley MD, is working on a process that would make the product injectable and thus deliver more of the drug to the lungs where it is needed to attack COVID.

Clinical testing

Now with promising results from many Covid-19 clinical trials around the world, some doctors are recommending its approval to treat and prevent Covid-19. In the US, the In relatively small testing, the Front Line Coivd-19 Critical Care Alliance has reported Ivermectin worked better than the hydroxychloroquine that as used last fall to treat Donald Trump. On February 5th, WHO doctors indicated their technical committee was reviewing the evidence on Ivermectin with a view to making a recommendation on the drug. Oxford University announced this week that it will begin a large-scale clinical test of Ivermectin. Such large scale clinical testing would benefit from the development of an easily injectable drug, and Mountain Valley MD are working on just such a process in their facility in Concord.


The company is fast-tracking a highly solubilized version of Ivermectin using a technology, which takes the existing format – the consistency of molasses – and renders it 5000% more soluble, the viscosity of water. This will be the first safe human injectable of the drug to be available on a world-wide scale. The technology would also allow IV drips of the drug. Mountain Valley says this could be a watershed in frontline treatment of the virus, and others like it.

Mountain Valley’s scientists are also developing a rapid-dissolve oral wafer format that would avoid the cold chain requirements complicating vaccine delivery in many of the most disadvantaged parts of the world, where wide-spread vaccination with existing vaccines could be as far as five years off.

The company will launch a trial in the coming weeks to test Covid viral clearance, and demonstrate the superiority of its solubilized Ivermectin. The company believes this technique could make other drugs with solubility issues more readily available. Stated Mike Farber, Director of Life Sciences at Mountain Valley MD. “We see the supply of Ivermectin tightening globally with prices dramatically increasing so we believe it is more important than ever to enable viral clearance using a fraction of the drug with more certainty.”

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