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Massive residential-commercial complex planned for Corktown Plaza

Massive residential-commercial complex planned for Corktown Plaza

Hamilton planning staff are recommending approval of a massive two-tower condominium and office complex at the current site of the Corktown Plaza on John Street south and Young Street.

 The developers are looking to build a 27- storey multiple dwelling and a 14-storey mixed use building attached to an eight-storey multiple dwelling. The existing zoning of the site allows a maximum building height of six to eight storeys. uses. The completed complex would have a total of 769 dwelling units, 929.25 square metres of commercial space and 462 underground parking spaces are proposed.

Conforms to Provincial Policy

As with many high-rise developments, provincial policy often trumps local zoning. Staff say the applications “have merit and can be supported as the proposal is consistent with the Provincial Policy Statement (2020), conforms to the A Place to Grow Plan: Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe, 2019, as amended, and will comply with the UHOP upon finalization of the Official Plan Amendment. The proposed development complies with the function, permitted uses and design policies of the Mixed Use – Medium Density designation. The scale of the development is appropriate for the surrounding neighbourhood that features a mix of commercial, low-rise residential and high-rise residential development.”

Will be setbacks to reduce impact

The view of the complex from Young Street

Staff say the proposed development is compatible with the existing character of the neighbourhood by locating the 27-storey portion of the development at the southeast corner of the site with an eight-storey portion at the northeast providing adequate transition to existing lower profile development. A 14-storey mixed use commercial residential building is proposed along the west property line, maintaining the intended mixed use, medium density function of the John Street South corridor.

Sun study

Staff say the developer commissioned a sun study that indicates the development will meet current regulations. The staff report says, “the development incorporates design elements that contribute to a comfortable pedestrian environment. Retail is proposed on the ground floor with entrances facing John Street South. Residential units with entrances onto the street are provided along Young Street and Catharine Street South to further animate the pedestrian realm and street trees are proposed on all four frontages. Step backs from all property lines are required to reflect the scale of the street and provide transition to residential areas.” One of the letters from neighbours commenting on the project noted that plans call for a grocery store in the retail portion of the complex.

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