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PM delivers promising vaccine news: shipments to resume next week


PM delivers promising vaccine news: shipments to resume next week

If it’s Friday it’s another COVID vaccine announcement from Prime Minister Trudeau, but this one had more specificity that previous announcements. The Prime Minister told reporters that he had just spoken to the president of Pfizer and was assured that not only would Canada get four million doses of Pfizer vaccine by the end of March but Canada will receive more Pfizer doses in the next quarter than expected.  

Pfizer now says it will deliver 10.8 million shots between April and June and four million more Moderna doses will also arrive in the second quarter, Trudeau said. The federal government has long promised six million patients will be fully vaccinated with a two-dose vaccine regime in the first three months of this year.

In a news conference yesterday, Major General Dany Fortin said Canada expects to receive more that 400,000 vaccine doses each week for the next three weeks.

Vaccine supplies for Canada slowed to a trickle when Pfizer slowed production at its plant in Belgium to expand it. A spokesperson for Pfizer Canada, says the renovations are now done and the company is on track to deliver four million doses by March 31, as stated in its contract. The same spokesperson said the next shipment has been Ok’d by the European Union which earlier had threatened to block exports until EU nations were fully vaccinated.

The situation with Moderna is not as promising. It’s next shipment will be only 168,000, two-thirds of what had been promised. Moderna, which delivers once every three weeks right now, shipped 180,000 doses last week. That was only 80 per cent of the promised amount. So far, Canada has received about 928,000 doses from Pfizer and 515,000 from Moderna.

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