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Councillor apologizes after private phone call was taped and posted on social media

Councillor apologizes after private phone call was taped and posted on social media

Ward Nine Councillor Brad Clark has resigned his committee chairmanships and vice chairmanships and asked the Integrity Commissioner to review the matter after a phone conversation Clark had with a constituent was taped and posted on social media. In the unguarded conversation Clark says “unfounded rumours and inferences that I made on this private call were just that, unfounded.”

In the phone call Clark is heard discussing a building permit that was issued for a home in Dundas. The house was in a location that was not zoned for the purpose and the house, which was partially completed, would now have to be torn down, at a cost to the city of over a million dollars. The discussion turned to how such a building permit could be issued in the first place and the caller asked Clark about possible corruption to which the councillor replied, “It’s just scratching the surface.”

In a statement Clark goes on to say, “my frustration with the situation in question and my response was completely out of character and I should not have been discussing such baseless rumours with anyone.

I offer my most sincere and unequivocal apologies to our dedicated, hardworking and honest city staff who have my utmost respect.


I formally apologize to the Mayor, City Council and my constituents for this unacceptable response. I have filed a request with the integrity commissioner to investigate this matter as soon as possible.

Effective immediately, I am resigning as Chair of the Audit and Finance Committee, Vice-Chair of the Emergency and Community Services Committee and Chair of the Development Charge Stakeholders Sub-Committee. I have informed the Mayor of my decision.”

In some jurisdictions recording a phone call without the other participant’s knowledge is illegal but not in Canada, as long as the person recording the call is also participating in the call.

Contacted by the Bay Observer, Councillor Clark said he can make no further comment since the matter has already been submitted to the Integrity Commissioner.

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  • The entire situation is strange.
    I find it ironic that while Councilor Clark is possibly the only conduit gracious enough to lend an ear, Mr. Manning has no qualms whatsoever about tossing his source under the bus.
    It is peculiar theater.
    Clark should have known better. It appears he has taken appropriate-albeit regrettable-action to address the issue. Now we just wait for the other shoe to drop.

  • We all know corruption exists in the corridors of power however I agree with Mr Graham that Clr Clark has been a good listener to the shenanigans that go on at city hall.

    So given the news reports, I have to ask why would this blunder be on the taxpayers to pay for the demolition of said house and not on the backs of those who caused this mess???

    Again the head of the venomous snake needs to be chopped off and the actual individuals(s) be held accountable and made to pay for their actions.

    I have no faith in the Integrity commission to get to the root of this problem and find the guilty party and punish them.

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