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Trudeau gambles big on Vaccine rollout

Trudeau gambles big on Vaccine rollout

Yesterday Prime Minister Trudeau declared to reporters in no uncertain terms that despite delivery issues and political games in the European Union; there is no problem with Canada’s COVID vaccine rollout.

That means close to 6 Million doses of COVID vaccine will have to arrive in Canada in the next 53 days. To coin an indelicate Canadianism, Trudeau’s ass is out a mile on this one. Even though, as the PM said, he has been on the phone with the vaccine company CEOs, and even though they have assured him the vaccines will be here on schedule, nobody can predict production breakdowns. Nobody apparently predicted that Pfizer would have to cut back on deliveries so it could re-tool its plant in Belgium. So Trudeau is staking it all when he declares without equivocation that all is on target.

Trudeau Approval Ratings plunge

Recent polling suggests Canadian are getting tired of Trudeau’s handling of this file. If the Conservatives could stop shooting themselves in the foot, there is no doubt they would be riding higher in the polls than they are. But the Abacus poll shows the Liberals with a three-point lead over the Conservatives even though Trudeau’s personal approval rating has gone from 47 percent last spring to 36 percent now. 42 percent of Canadians disapprove to Trudeau giving him a 5 point approval deficit.

The National Post’s Rex Murphy calls it the “worst government ever” writing, “The country is in an economic coma. The House of Commons is a movie set. We are shamed in the international community. Contracts on COVID are all Top Secret. There is zero reliability on any projection made by a minister or the prime minister on where we are on vaccines and distribution. Rideau Hall is shortly to be listed on Airbnb. Farmers have been hit by fuel and carbon taxes. Newfoundland teeters on bankruptcy. The West has never felt so far out of things. I could go on.”

Italy just swore in its 66th government since the end of WWII. With the kind of polling numbers we are seeing in Canada and if there is no change in the key players, we could be in for a series on indecisive elections for some time to come.

John Best

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