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Ford to Trudeau: “Block incoming foreign flights…”


Ford to Trudeau: “Block incoming foreign flights…”

On the one year anniversary of the arrival of COVID-19 in Ontario and the first day of the week when Canada is getting zero Pfizer vaccine, Doug Ford fielded questions from reporters and took a shot at the federal government over air travel. He said there are still 30,000 foreign travelers landing in Canada every day. He said he can see them from his home in Etobicoke. Last week Ford implored Ontarians to stay home in 20 different languages. Today In calling on the federal government to impose a total ban on foreign flights entering Canada, Ford tried out his French.

General Rick Hillier continues to be a glass-half-full guy as the assured reporters that despite the vaccine shortage, the residents of Long Term Care homes will get their shot by the end of the first week  in February. He cheerfully tossed aside a number of question that essentially asked why the current shift to vaccinating only LTC residents and not staff,  wasn’t done from day one. He reminded reporters that at the beginning of the Pfizer rollout, people needing shots had to be transported to central facilities because of the vaccine’s refrigeration needs, and that meant some LTC residents were too frail to be transported; and as a result, the injections were given to medical staff rather than have is go to waste. Once a method for transporting Pfizer was developed, then it became possible to get the shots to the propel who needed it most.

In response to a question from a Kitchener reporter, Ford decried that fact that a church there  has been holding services involving up to 300 people who have not been wearing masks. Ford was told his nemesis exiled MPP Randy Hiller attended a service last weekend. “That’s just not responsible,” Ford said. Waterloo police say they will lay more charges after the fact. The church was already under court order to not stage the gatherings.

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