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Final week to have your say on Albion Falls viewing platform

Final week to have your say on Albion Falls viewing platform

The public is being invited to take part in a survey about a proposed viewing platform for Albion falls. The popular cascade has been the scene of several accidents that necessitated expensive rope rescues. The platform is designed to improve viewing in a safe manner. Albion Falls is a 19-metre cascade waterfall located at the southernmost top of Upper King’s Forest Park and forms part of the environmentally-sensitive area of the Red Hill Creek Escarpment Valley. The site is a popular destination point for locals and tourists who want to view the falls and enjoy the natural landscape setting.

Project goal

To provide an access and viewing platform on the South side of Albion Falls that is safe and improves views to the Falls while balancing the need to protect the site’s natural and cultural heritage.

Artist’s representation of the viewing platform

Project background

In 2005, the City of Hamilton built the North viewing platforms, associated trails and parking area to provide a safe and accessible location from which to view Albion Falls while protecting the environmentally sensitive area from the creation and use of informal trails

Since 2005, informal trails continue to be created and used by the public on the South side of Albion Falls where there is no formal trail or viewing platform. There is evidence of erosion along the South slopes and safety concerns have required the City to fence off the area to protect the public and environmentally sensitive area.

In 2017, the same year the South access was fenced, the City of Hamilton applied for grant funding and allocated capital budget to help fund the investigations and studies required to determine if and where constructing a South access and viewing platform was feasible.

Albion Falls Survey

The Albion Falls Story Map tells a visual story of the project through photographs, infographics, videos and digital renderings. It includes how and why the project was initiated, the project goals and objectives, the studies that need to be undertaken, 3D representations of the platform and its physical location on site and project timelines. We encourage you to view the Albion Falls Story Map    before completing the survey.

Take the survey.

This survey will collect information on how visitors are accessing and using Albion Falls and why, along with the projected future use after the platform is built. Survey deadline: January 31, 2021.

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