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Stolen Angel from Emmanuel House triggered outpouring of community support

Stolen Angel from Emmanuel House triggered outpouring of community support

In late December, staff and residents at Good Shepherd’s Emmanuel House were devastated when one of the hospice’s five cherished “guardian angels” disappeared from the front of the building. The angels had been erected to bring cheer to Emmanuel House, while brightening the neighbourhood during the holiday season.

Thankfully, local media helped Good Shepherd get the story out and it touched the hearts of people from around the community. The hospice began receiving offers of encouragement and help – everything from monetary donations to a lighted Christmas tree. The tree was erected by the Pasquali family who visited the hospice on the night of December 23 and placed it on the spot where the missing angel once stood. In donating the tree, the Pasquali children learned a real-life lesson in giving back to the community. 

Unfortunately, the angel is still missing, but Good Shepherd takes great comfort in knowing that the people of Hamilton care for each other, especially the most vulnerable among us. 

Angel Fund

The staff at Emmanuel House consider it an honour to be part of the Stinson neighbourhood. The community’s generosity and acts of kindness have spurred Good Shepherd to create an Angel Fund, so Emmanuel House can be surrounded with more “guardian angels” next Christmas. 

You can contribute to the fund through Good Shepherd’s website at For more information, call Cathy Wellwood at 905.869.3488.

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