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Social media fallout of the US Capitol riot

Social media fallout of the US Capitol riot

In addition to the banning of Donald Trump from Twitter and other social media accounts, there have been trickle-down ramifications as well.

An new York Post article says  75 percent of Senate Republicans now have fewer followers, with several losing tens of thousands. At the same time, many of the Senate’s most powerful Democrats, gained tens of thousands of followers since Jan. 6.  This comes from  from the tracking website Social Blade.

On the Democratic side Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar was up more than 70,000 followers for the month; Massachusetts’ Elizabeth Warren was up more than 80,000; Bernie Sanders took in more than 350,000, while Vice President-elect Kamala Harris led the way with a 1.3 million gain.

Kamala Harris picked up 1.3 Million new Twitter followers

There is a tiff brewing as Twitter says it will not transfer over the more than 33 million followers of the official @POTUS account to Biden when he takes office. The company did shift 13 million @POTUS followers from Obama to Trump in 2017

It was also reported that Twitter suspended over 70,000 accounts for sharing QAnon content.

The Republican losers were were Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who was off 45,000; Iowa’s Chuck Grassley, down more than 50,000; Florida’s Marco Rubio, who was down 78,000; and South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, who led the losers with a decline of more than 112,000 followers.

Sen. Lindsey Graham lost 112,000 followers

The banning of various Twitter accounts is attracting criticism from the left as well as the right. “We’re living through a really dangerous period right now in which free speech is under concerted attack across the board,” NYU professor Mark Crispin Miller told The Post. “Since January 6th, it has primarily affected people on the right.”

Obama leads all Twitter accoubts with 128 Million followers-40 Million more than Trump

The Social media tracker Social Blade has some other interesting information. The number one twitter account in terms of followers is Barack Obama with 128 Million followers. Then the next few on the list are pop stars—Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Rhianna and Donald Trump comes in at number six with 88 Million followers—that is, before his account was cancelled.

More information can be found here.

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