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Mac researcher to head COVID research team for Ottawa

Mac researcher to head COVID research team for Ottawa

A McMaster researcher will join other academic researchers to better develop and coordinate ground-breaking research on COVID-19, while reducing the duplication of efforts. The goal is to ensure decision-makers have access to the best COVID-19 science in a timely manner, Today the federal government announced an investment of $1 million to support the COVID-19 Evidence Network. The Network will bring together experts to collaborate and rapidly synthesize the best available evidence across the full breadth of Canada’s COVID-19 pandemic response. By providing timely access to the latest research on public health measures, clinical management, health-system arrangements, and economic and social impacts, policy-makers will better understand the impact that these measures have on Canadians’ health and safety.

Led by Dr. John Lavis , Professor, Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact, McMaster University, the COVID-19 Evidence Network will work with Canadian and international Dr. Lavis’s co-leads for the Network include Jeremy Grimshaw from the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, Andrea Tricco of the SPOR Evidence Alliance, which is based at St. Michael’s Hospital of Unity Health Toronto, and Nancy Santesso of Cochrane Canada, based at McMaster University.

The COVID-19 Evidence Network will:

  • rapidly prepare and update evidence syntheses to support Canadian decision and policy makers;
  • maintain a publically available inventory of the best evidence syntheses for COVID-19 decisions to ensure that Canadian decision-makers have the most updated science available when needed;
  • monitor emerging issues where evidence syntheses may be needed in the future; and
  • work with Canadian and global partners to reduce duplication and enhance coordination in the evidence response to COVID-19.

The Government of Canada is supporting the COVID-19 Evidence Network through the Canadian Institutes of Health Research so they may provide the latest evidence to decision-makers at the federal, provincial, and territorial levels.

Commenting on the project, Health Minister Patty Hajdu said, “Through the COVID-19 Evidence Network, our best and brightest will work with provincial, national and international partners so that decision-makers get the information we need to keep Canadians safe through the next phase of this pandemic. Through the Network, we will ensure that Canada continues to be a global leader in COVID-19 research.”

Dr. Lavis described the project, “The COVID-19 Evidence Network will use a highly collaborative approach to rapidly synthesizing the best available evidence about key COVID-19 topics – in timelines ranging from four hours to 10 days – in response to requests from decision-makers. We will work with both domestic and international partners to reduce duplication and enhance coordination in the COVID-19 evidence response.”

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