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Dundas Rotary helping St Joseph’s Villa Hospice

Dundas Rotary helping St Joseph’s Villa Hospice

The Dundas Valley Sunrise Rotary Club has contributed  $15,000 to St. Joseph’s Villa Foundation. The rotary club’s support contributes to the development of Margaret’s Place Hospice at St. Joseph’s Villa, slated to open this June.

In 2018, Dundas Valley Rotary committed to supporting the building of a state-of-the-art hospice on the Villa’s grounds. The club pledged a total of $15,000 over a three-year, but in the third year, the club has surpassed its initial promise, raising a grand total of $25,000.

The pandemic greatly limited DVSRC’s ability to hold annual fundraising activities that require gatherings and social involvement. To work around these challenges, the club engaged the community by hosting a 50/50 draw, promoting it entirely on social media and word of mouth. The raffle exceeded expectations by selling out quickly, raising $10,000 for the Villa Foundation and $10,000 for a lucky winner. In addition to this sum, an anonymous DVSRC member has gifted $5,000, contributing to the grand total.

“The acceptance and support of the club from day one of this project has been extraordinary,” says Don Davidson, President and CEO, St. Joseph’s Villa Foundation. “They’ve been instrumental in the vision of the new hospice, and it’s community support like this that truly makes a difference.”

DVSRC’s history with the Villa dates back to 2000, when the club significantly contributed to the Villa’s major redevelopment to improve long-term care. Then, in 2014, DVSRC supported the Orchid Garden Wing’s renovation to add 12 additional long-term care beds to the facility.

Margaret’s Place Hospice is being built on the grounds of St. Joseph’s Villa. Construction remains on schedule and completion is projected for June 2021. The ten-bed hospice will accept patients of all ages who face terminal illnesses.

While hospice care is free to patients, the Ministry of Health only supports approximately 60 per cent of the operational expenses annually. To provide the services and programs for patients and their families, the St. Joseph’s Villa Foundation is responsible for the other 40 per cent – totalling approximately $520,000 every year.

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