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Rod Phillips’ Christmas Scrapbook


Rod Phillips’ Christmas Scrapbook

Hats off to Ontario Finance Minister Rod Phillips and his staff who, between them, have pulled off the most successful trompe l’oeil since Harry Houdini escaped from a straightjacket while suspended upside down from a crane high above the ground.

It all started on December 14, the day after Phillips arrived in St.Barts with an announcement on virtual learning.

The 14th was a busy day for the Finance Minister as he also tweeted out messages praising a PSW worker and endorsing a Pizzaria back home in Ajax.

On the 15th he was urging people to take part in an online survey on how to make the towing industry better.

This is where it gets a little sticky. Now the minister is posting pictures of himself participating in public events…in Ontario.

He doesn’t SAY he is Ontario, but clearly one could draw that inference.

On the 17th Rod appears to be on his front porch as he tweets that it’s National Maple Syrup Day.

On the 18th…a busy day as Rod goes through a report on how to modernize the Capital markets, and forwards a message from Gen. Rick Hiller on the COVID vaccine rollout.

The same day he shares a picture of his constituency office all decked out for the holidays.

And on Christmas Eve we have Rod in a pullover sitting by a cracking fire with eggnog, Christmas treats and a gingerbread house by his side, reminding folks how COVID19 “changes how we celebrate.”

Premier Doug Ford did not mince words in expressing his disappointment. The premier said he plans to have “a tough conversation” with Phillips when he gets back tomorrow. “I stand out here every day and tell people to stay home…this is completely unacceptable,” the Premier said. He admitted to reporters that he knew Phillips was on holidays shortly after he arrived in St. Barts. “I should have told him to get his backside on a plane that day…that was a mistake.”

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