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Journalism: Rupert Murdoch bails on Trump

Journalism: Rupert Murdoch bails on Trump

The Rupert Murdoch-controlled New York Post has made an editorial clean break with Donald Trump, telling him to abandon his attempts to overturn the election results, and instead focus on the two senate elections in Georgia. Fox News, also Murdoch-controlled, has been easing away from Trump ever since the election and drew his anger, first by declaring a Biden Victory in the swing states, and then by reporting that there had been no widespread voter fraud as Trump had claimed. The Post had been Trump’s staunchest supporter among big-city newspapers.

The editorial, accompanying a front page cover of Trump reads in part, “Mr. President, it’s time to end this dark charade…On Jan. 5, two runoff races in Georgia will determine which party will control the Senate — whether Joe Biden will have a rubber stamp or a much-needed check on his agenda.

Unfortunately, you’re obsessed with the next day, Jan. 6, when Congress will, in a pro forma action, certify the Electoral College vote. You have tweeted that, as long as Republicans have “courage,” they can overturn the results and give you four more years in office.

In other words, you’re cheering for an undemocratic coup…

You had every right to investigate the election. But let’s be clear: Those efforts have found nothing. To take just two examples: Your campaign paid $3 million for a recount in two Wisconsin counties, and you lost by 87 more votes. Georgia did two recounts of the state, each time affirming Biden’s win. These ballots were counted by hand, which alone debunks the claims of a Venezuelan vote-manipulating Kraken conspiracy…

We understand, Mr. President, that you’re angry that you lost. But to continue down this road is ruinous. We offer this as a newspaper that endorsed you, that supported you: If you want to cement your influence, even set the stage for a future return, you must channel your fury into something more productive.

Democrats will try to write you off as a one-term aberration and, frankly, you’re helping them do it. The King Lear of Mar-a-Lago, ranting about the corruption of the world.”

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